Up and Coming Lingerie Brands

In the world of lingerie there are thousands of brands and designers selling from high end to low end. But the thing is, you might only know of a few brands that sell lingerie that people told you about. I am going to update you on some newer brands that are coming into the scene. So given ’em a try and see how you like them.

One brand that is making its way into the scene is The Tragic Kiss. One of their most popular designs is called Charlotte – The Spade of Hearts set. It is a lingerie set with a feel of being from the 1920’s. The era of prohibition and women becoming more comfortable in their own skin and being a little “crazy.” Each of this brands designs has a story behind the piece and what kind of woman wears this set. Below i have attached photos of the Charlotte set.

Here is a link to their website, take a look at it!


Pic Credit: http://www.tragickiss.com/collections/charlotte


This next brand Fleur of England. There are a luxury brand in England for lingerie. The want all of their designs to be Exquisite. It says on their website “Your experience will be exquisite from the fit, to the packaging, to the fabric and the customer service.” Since their brand is English there is a strong influence of British heritage and culture in their designs. Below i have added images of one of their collections Capri. I chose this one because the color is beautiful and really shows off them as a brand I think.

Pic Credit: http://www.fleurofengland.com/collections/capri


The last brand I am going to tell you about is a local one. I’ve discussed this brand and used them in other posts but I feel like their well known around the area but not necessarily everywhere. The brand is For Love and Lemons. I am absolutely in love with their pieces. There lingerie is affordable than the other brands I’ve mentioned and their local to LA if you are someone who likes to shop local. They feature a lot of lace and embroidery style designs that are just beautiful. Below are a few pictures of different sets they currently have.


Pic credit: http://shop.forloveandlemons.com/collections/lingerie/products/ruby-lace-hi-waist-panty-black






Proper Care for Your Lingerie

It’s important to take proper care of our Lingerie. Not only are our bras and panties something we use daily, but they are also there to provide support and comfort for our bodies. Our bras and panties, are often an investment, so we should know how to make our investment last and pay off.

The best thing to do when washing your bras, is to hand wash them. I like to use lukewarm to cool water (never hot) and a mild detergent like Dreft. Let them soak in the water and soap for a few minutes and give them a gentle rub. If I am soaking more than one bra, I will make sure to soak them with similar colors and I always wash my whites separately. I then rinse them with cold water, lightly press the excess water out, and always hang them to dry. Before hanging them I suggest hooking the bra, adjusting any molded cup bras and then hanging them to help keep their shape and elasticity. Hang your bras from the center, between the cups rather than from the straps, to help keep the shape.

1x1.trans How to: hand wash your bras Invest In Your ChestHand-Washing


Same rule applies to panties. I prefer to hand wash them in lukewarm water using a gentle detergent. I let them soak and give them a good rubbing, then hang them to dry as well. I never like using the dryer as the heat can be damaging to the elastic.

Woolite Delicates Liquid Laundry Detergent, 16 OunceProctor & Gamble 20826 Dreft 2X He 50 oz.  - Pack of 6Le Blanc Silk & Lingerie Wash LB101 - 16oz


Machine washing your bras and panties is okay too if you don’t have time to hand wash. Make sure to again, use a gentle detergent and lukewarm water. Always set your washing machine to the gentle cycle when washing your lingerie. I like to make sure and hook my bras before washing and I make sure to use a laundry bag before I throw them in the washing machine. I love using them, I feel it prevents your delicates from getting tossed around in the machine. They are not very expensive and are a great investment. Bed Bath and Beyond has several options in mesh, that are very affordable. This Lingerie Wash Bag is only $4.99 and their Laura Ashley Mesh Bra Wash Bag is only $9.99. Handy Laundry has the Bra Washing Cube for only $4.99.

Lingerie Wash Bag  Laura Ashley® Mesh Bra Wash BagBra Washing Cube

To sum up ladies, please remember these tips when washing your delicates:

  • Hand washing is preferred
  • Use lukewarm to cool water
  • Use a mild detergent
  • Rinse with cool to cold water to help the elastic bounce back to its original shape
  • Hang dry your delicates
  • Avoid the dryer
  • Reshape your molded cup bras before hanging to dry
  • Use a laundry bag if washing your delicates in the washing machine

Share your tips with us…

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Underwear, Outwear, or Somewhere In-between?

In the past few decades, the idea of wearing underwear as outwear has made a reoccurring appearance in the fashion world, for those daring enough to brave it. Think back to the 80s (if you’re old enough) Madonna was sporting cone bras over her clothing. In more recent years, we’ve seen the return of the corset or bustier worn as a sexy top, such as in Sex and City. Fast forward to 2016, and with the influence of celebrities such as Rihanna and Lady Gaga, wearing underwear as outerwear has asserted itself as its own trend. It has become something of the norm to be out and about with a backless top revealing a strappy bralet, or a sheer body suit on a night out.

The Calvin Klein bralet is as a prime example, and we can’t seem to get away from it popping up everywhere as we scroll through Instagram. Not only does it make a comfy alternative to your typical bra, but it can be worn by itself as a crop top (if you want all eyes on you) or to make it a little more casual, with a mesh tee or your favourite flannel thrown over the top. It quickly takes your typical tank top outfit into something a little more daring. Get yours from Calvin Klein direct or Nordstroms for a very reasonable $28 (the matching bikini or thong panties are $20 or the boy shorts $22).


For those looking for something a little more delicate and feminine, try styling a pretty lace bralet underneath a low armhole tank top for an instantly fashionable look. We love the ‘Kimchi’ lace triangle bra from Urban Outfitters, at only $18 it’s a steal and perfect for college students, available in black, ivory and nude. This kind of look is ideal for a shopping trip, coffee with the girls or even a relaxed date night.


The last style I am loving is the bralet crop tops. Somewhere in-between just wearing a bra, and a top on the very cropped side, the bralet top was born. I have featured one here from Missguided, for $25.50, it is a cute simple style, with a pretty eyelash trim over top. They make the perfect top for a night out partying, paired with a leather high waisted skirt for an effortlessy glam style. Or they can be toned down with a pair of ripped jeans and a blazer, the choices are endless.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this trend, is underwear called underwear for a reason, or is it just too pretty that everyone should see it?

Emily – xo

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A Lingerie Love Affair

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it was the perfect time to bring you the first post of our brand new, all-things-lingerie blog, Style Underneath.

At this time of year, the stores will be decked out with every kind of lingerie your heart may desire. Corset, garters, lace and strappy styles are all a YES for Valentine’s day. In fact, it is the perfect time to be a little more daring than usual. There is so many different styles and options to choose from, but my all round favorite set has to be the red applique lace pieces from For Love & Lemons (their underwear is just so beautiful and detailed!). It would make the perfect Valentine’s Day showstopper, however, bear in mind the price tag at $200, but if you have the spare cash to afford a special treat, there’s no doubt its stunning and will definitely take someone’s breath away!


For a slightly edgier look, you could always go for black – there are plenty of stunning styles, with strappy and lace details hotter than ever. And of course, black is a go-to color if you want to get a lot of wear out of it as its so practical. I would recommend a classic black corset, which looks both classy and sexy, and although it might cost a fair bit (we can’t help but love everything Agent Provocateur, honestly, I would spend all my money on underwear from their if I didn’t need clothes) they make a great investment piece that will never go out of style.


‘Mercy’ corset £345 http://www.agentprovocateur.com

If you’re looking for an alternative to black and red, which can be a little strong for some, a softer, more girly look can be easily achieved by choosing a pretty pink, blush or nude tone set. Not only will this give you a more feminine feel, but nude tones are practical for under every day clothes and don’t have to be limited to a Valentine’s occasion (we don’t recommend a red lace bra underneath your white cotton work blouse!). Check out the honeydew bralet below, at only $24, which comes in black, pink, nude and red.. so everyone can find their perfect color.


If you want something a little fun and flirty, look no further than Victoria’s Secret. I feel like they always have a range of styles that not only fit great, but won’t break the bank. They are a great go-to brand if you need to run in and choose something quickly in your lunch break. I love the unique back detail on this sexy, shocking pink and coral lace set, but as it’s limited edition make sure you’re quick!


Let us know what your favorite style for Valentines day is – whether you’re loved up or not, you don’t need need an excuse to treat yourself to a pretty new set!

Emily – xo


Photo credit:



For Love & Lemons Ruby’ Appliqué Bralet $122.00, ‘Ruby’ High Waist Brief  $104


Honeydew Intimates ‘Lucy’ Open Cup Bralette $24

Limited edition Fishnet & Lace Push up Bra $59.50 – $62.50, Thong $18.50, Garter Belt $32

Fighting Breast Cancer, One Bra at a Time

WalktheWalk is a fantastic, grant-making charity set up to support the fight against cancer, raising money for ground-breaking research projects as well as supporting people currently affected by cancer, through their sponsored walks and marathons. The MoonWalk London is their most popular event, and this year will be taking place on May 16th, 2016. The MoonWalk also currently takes place in Scotland, Iceland and New York. Walkers must be 13 and over, and there is the option for either The Full Moon Marathon, which is 26.2 miles, or the Half Moon, which is 13.1 plus 2 miles. The idea is to have fun and get fit with friends, whilst also supporting a brilliant cause.


Now you might be thinking uniting against breast cancer is, of course, a great cause, but what does it have to do with underwear especially, or more specifically, Style Underneath? Well, what makes this particular walk so unique is the fantastic, customized bra’s that everyone wears whilst taking part. They provide a basic white bra in the applicant kit (also included is a T shirt, Cap, Training Guide and Training Plan, Space Blanket, Weather Protector, Organic Pasta or Rice meal before the event and Birthday cake – of course) or you are free to use your own, and are encouraged to decorate it however you like. Below is an example of the starter pack you will receive once you sign up.


Another aspect of the MoonWalk that sets it apart from other events is when it takes place – this is not your typical 9am start marathon. Oh no, the MoonWalk (as you might have guessed by its name) begins at midnight! For me, this just adds to the element of excitement and buzz around the event. Not only will the streets of London be clear and easy to navigate, allowing you to take in the famous city sights during your moonlight stroll, it also means even more reason for lots of bright, neon pink bra’s! Here are a few examples of some amazing creative pieces, complete with sparkles, pink, lace, fur trims.. or even popcorn boxes!


The Moon Walk will cost you £47.50 for the entry fee (+booking fee) and a minimum sponsorship of £100. However, we don’t think this should be too tricky once you tell your friends and family about it and show them your customized masterpiece! So grab yourself a bra and get creative!

The MoonWalk London 2016

Photo credit:
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10. http://blog.walkthewalk.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/01MoonWalkLS.jpg

The Mighty Corset

Women have worn corsets for centuries. The shape of the corset has evolved throughout history to conform to the fashion of the times. The corset has seen changes in style and rises and falls in its popularity. For example, during the 60s and 70s the corset saw a major decline due to the free spirited flower child fashion of the times. Today we can find a great variety of corsets from color and style to fabrics, uses, and closures. And much like the pieces of the past, they are beautiful works of art that are meant to give us support while shaping our torsos.


Corsets in History


Short History of Womens fashion -1900 to 1969

As mentioned above, the corset comes in many variations. The waist cincher has become very popular lately due to “waist training”; the idea that wearing a corset will help you lose inches, ultimately making your waist smaller. There are several options of waist cinchers or waist trainers out there. Kohl’s offers one that comes in two colors; black or cupid nude. It has a front hook and eye closure and is made to be worn discretely under your clothes while slimming your waist. The regular price is $42.00.


The next one is an under bust corset by Hourglass Angel. It comes in white with a price tag of $129.99. As the name implies, this corset sits under the bust and extends over the hips. It has both a back lace-up closure and a front hook closure. This one states it slims by 2 to 3 inches.


Pretty Corsets offers a half bust corset that comes in as assortment of colors including the Red Fire Satin that we are featuring here. It also has a back lace-up and front hook closures. The price for this corset is $95.70.


The last one we are featuring is an overbust corset. This one you can wear without a bra, as it provides overbust coverage. Hips and Curves has a beautiful Amara Luxe Long Line Steel Bonded Corset with halter straps. It comes in black and chocolate at a price of $159.95.









A proper corset should offer a comfortable fit while giving you support and slimming your figure. Prices can range dramatically depending on style and quality. There are many corsetieres that can make a custom corset for your body, if you don’t want to wear off the rack. Here at Styleunderneath, we love corsets! What are your thoughts? What kind of experiences have you had with corsets?


Beautiful In My Own Skin

We all know beauty comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes so in that spirit, we want to showcase some of our favorite plus size pieces. It’s often difficult to feel comfortable in our own skin, let alone feel sexy but with these pieces it will be difficult not to.

We’ll get right into it with this oh so sexy black, one-piece with intricate lace detail. This eyelash teddy comes with detachable garters, the bra top has adjustable straps and a back closure offering more support.


Here’s another black piece from Spicy Lingerie. This two piece comes with a high waisted panty and the bra has a wide back closure.


Let’s now step into something more colorful, like this strappy, lace bralette in seafoam by Torrid for only $34.50. You can also find the matching Lace Ladder Hipster Panty for only $18.50.


Lastly, we love this Front Shelf Cup Babydoll, only $44.95 at Hips and Curves. This beautiful, chiffon babydoll comes in three colors, orchid, teal, and black, which will flow nicely over your curves. It has a four hook bra closure to fit you perfectly. The front has two chiffon straps that you can play with and tie up in different ways!


Of course, these are only a few of our favorites. There are so many incredible pieces out there to make a women look and feel even more beautiful than she already is!

Lace and Lust

We all love to have a little lace lingerie in our life. (And in the form of a matching set or body suit?! What more do you need.) It can make you feel sexy but still classy. I know that’s how I feel in it. You can find lace most anywhere that sells lingerie. You can get it in matching sets, as one pieces and just about everything in between. A few of my favorite pieces I’ve seen recently are from For Love and Lemons, and LA with Love, Agent Provocateur and I.D. Sarrieri.

The first set that I am absolutely in love with is this almost matching set from For Love and Lemons. The bra top is $117 and the panties are $122. This cute matching set is a little bit more pricey and an investment piece.


This next set is for us broke college students. Most pieces on the LA with Love website $40 or under. The particular set I am featuring here runs for a grand total of $60. This one won’t break the bank and you’ll still feel sexy and ready to take on the world in this one.


In this third bodysuit will not only break the bank but it will make you feel incredibly good. This piece from Agent Provocateur is $1590. Did you cry at the price because I did? So this one goes out to all those big spenders in the world.


Last but certainly not least we have this set from I.D. Sarreiri. Again this one is quite pricey but lingerie should be an investment piece not something we buy from the sale section at forever 21. So this set, for the top is $200 and for the bottoms it’s $150. But this color though? Its gorgeous and would look good on most anybody who wears it.



Special Night: Honeymoon

For that very special night in your life when every woman wants to look sexy and beautiful. For that one particular night that is so special. Your wedding night! I’m going to talk to you all about some cute and sexy pieces to wear for your honeymoon. I’m going to show pieces for those ladies who may be a little more reserved, those who are a little more daring, and of course, the ladies who fall somewhere in between. Although, these particular pieces while perfect for your wedding night, are also good for any girl in any relationship who just wants to try some lingerie out or maybe even step up their game.


In this first piece, I chose a really cute flowy white baby doll style piece from Victoria Secret. This piece is really soft, girlie, and perfect for the girls who want to feel the confidence of wearing lingerie but don’t want to be to risqué with what they are wearing. The white version of this piece is more delicate but the black can make you look daring in this subtle piece. ($58.00)


This second piece is a just a really cute matching bra and underwear set also from Victoria Secret. This one is a little bit more casual and laid back. It’s perfect for this special night or even any other night you chose to wear it. (underwear: $12.50 and bra: $54.50)


This one goes out to all the more risqué women, who want to wear something daring and maybe surprise or shock their significant other. While it’s not completely out there like some you can find, it still is a lot more daring for a lot of people when it comes to lingerie. This navy blue bra and garter set from Agent Provocateur, is super sexy and will definitely wow your significant other. (Bra; $90, Panties: $70, Garter: $80)


Last but certainly not least, we have this beautiful white one-piece suit from For Love and Lemons. It is perfect to wear under your dress and after. it has a girly touch to it and that makes it a little more feminine. (Full Piece: $212)


I hope this post was even a little helpful towards you!